Liaoan Machinery is a decades-aged undercarriage parts manufacturer based in north China since 1998. By the efforts of specialized R&D team, Liaoan Machinery is professionally manufacturing quality-brilliant track shoes and track links applicable to many pitch requirements of OEM’s machinery and equipment. So far, we have developed track shoes of single grouser, double grouser, triple grouser, swamp shoe and track link which are approved and capable of working as heavy duty parts even under the extreme service application. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, we are proud to guarantee our customers that the quality and the lead time will be eventually met by all means.

We are now growing and expanding as a group company with three factories both in north and south China which upgrades us more comprehensive and more productive to the global competition.

Liaoan Machinery is always committed to the concentration on the undercarriage parts from all aspects and we are built for perfecting the undercarriage.


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